Training course:

Methodologies to derive Environmental Quality Standards in water, sediment and biota

Performed by Dr. Genevieve Deviller (see collaborators)  at Tragsatec,  Madrid (Spain) on December 2015.

Scope: This course was aimed at providing Tragsatec staff with the theoretical and practical methodology to derive Environmental Quality Standards (EQSs) as required by the EC Technical Guidance for deriving EQSs (2011)

Specialized seminar:

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the atmospheric boundary layer: Where do they go?

Given by Dr. Castro Jiménez  at the  École Normal Superior (ENS) de Lyon (France) on February 2015.

Scope: The overall objective of this seminar was to provide with an overview on the most common approaches (experimental and models) used to study the occurrence and transport of POPs in the atmosphere in order to explore potential synergies with scientist mostly dedicated to the study of the physical atmospheric processes. A very fruitful discussion on how some physical theoretical approaches and knowledge (e.g. particle turbulence flows studies) could help improving current estimations of atmospheric deposition of POPs took place. A collaboration was proposed in this issue to further explore joint projects.