The main services and studies offered regarding POPs and related organic substances of concern in the environment* are presented below. If you have any other specific need do not hesitate to contact in order to evaluate your proposal:

Field & desk studies

    • Environmental fate, behavior and biogeochemistry
    • Bioavailability, exposure and bioaccumulation in food webs
    • Atmospheric transport and deposition (including air-water exchange)
    • Marine pollution. Sources identification
    • Remobilization in polar/remote environments (Global Change)
    • Multi-media fate models (fugacity approach)
    • Bio-detection and screening methods


  • Multi-media sampling strategies and procedures
  • Design and implementation of pollution monitoring networks and surveillance programs
  • Trace and ultra-trace analysis in environmental matrixes

Scientific writing (multilingual)

  • Peer-reviewed publications, reports, standard operating procedures…
  • Critical scientific literature reviews & synthesis reports
  • Writing research projects / proposals (fundraising)

Support to Global/EU Environmental Policies

  • Stockholm Convention on POPs
  • Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (EMEP)
  • Water and Marine Strategy Framework Directives (WFD, MSFD)
  • Dioxin strategy

*Target substances (PAHs, PCDD/Fs, PCBs, OCPs, PBDEs, organophosphorus esters flame retardants & plasticizers (OPEs) and in general other organic substances of potential concern in the environment)